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Eyes are the windows of the soul

Eyelash extensions are a safe semi-permanent way to lengthen and thicken the appearance of your natural eyelashes.  Eyelash extensions are attached directly to your own individual eyelashes with a special medical grade adhesive.  Lash extensions typically last 2-3 weeks before requiring a Lash Boost.  This is because eyelashes naturally grow and shed. The Lash Boost helps ensure your eyelashes stay gorgeous.


Note: Eyelash extensions should only be applied by state licensed individuals certified in applying individual eyelashes.  


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Phone: 949-427-0355

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Ashley O’Boyle is licensed and certified in eyelash extension application and uses the highest standards in hygiene and safety. She believes in putting the client's safety first.  


With over 10 years of experience, Ashley has perfected her lash application technique using a combination of sizes and strategic placement to ensure a natural full appearance. Not only is Ashley absolutely passionate about eyelashes it’s her professional specialization!

About eyelash extensions